Steve Hart Media

Steve Hart has worked in newsrooms large and small in both the UK and New Zealand.

In addition to his solid print and online journalism skills, Steve has worked as a reporter and newsreader in the UK. In addition, he has worked in contract publishing helping clients keep their employees and customers informed via a range of quality magazines.

Steve Hart
Steve Hart.

He recorded his first podcast in 2008 and quickly began helping others to produce their own shows. He went on to front the Podcasting Made Easy podcast and wrote the popular self-help book of the same name.

Steve is a pragmatic and ethical problem solver, enjoys adding value to projects, and draws on years of industry experience to increase the quality and success of any media project.

In the UK Steve worked for local and regional newspapers, contributed copy to Private Eye magazine, News of the World, Daily Mirror etc, and worked in the newsrooms of both BBC Essex and Essex FM.

In New Zealand he worked in senior editorial positions at the New Zealand Herald, holding positions such as chief sub editor, and section editor managing titles including Travel, Employment, and Herald Homes.

Steve moved to Sunbury, Melbourne in 2022, and volunteers at the local community radio station.

Professional experience

  • Editor & journalist
  • Project manager
  • Audio post
  • Podcast producer
  • Radio presenter
  • WordPress
  • Video editing


  • News and features
  • Press releases
  • Commercial scripts for radio/TV
  • Voice overs
  • WordPress
  • Editing podcasts