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Movie review – THX1138

In this episode of The Channel I’m taking a look at a movie that was first released in 1971. It was the first major motion picture from George Lucas, and it bombed at the...

top 5 movies about radio.

Top movies and docos about radio

It goes without saying that I like everything about radio, even movies that feature radio stations. The first movie I watched about radio must have been FM (pretty sure I left the cinema disappointed)....

The Prisoner – 60s TV series review

There are still plenty of people who haven’t managed to sit through all 17 episodes the 60s British cult TV series The Prisoner. On one hand I can understand their frustration  as the show doesn’t follow the ‘normal’ hero-beats-the-baddy formula with everything neatly tied up with a bow at the end of the show.

Truman show film review

The Truman Show

I read FilmFreak’s review of the 90’s movie The Truman Show this week, and it got me thinking back – way back. When word seeped out in 1997  that a movie was being made about a...

Roger Moore – Goodbye, Mr Bond

Roger Moore has entertained me since I was a child and being a Bond fan anyway, I was as pleased as punch to see him take on the role. he was a gentleman, a top chap, and an all-round nice guy.

Darcy Gladwin on the struggle of making

Godplex, which had the working title Godspell, is a feature film written and directed by New Zealander Darcy Gladwin. Not to be confused with the sixties stage show, Darcy’s movie features Shane Hollands, a prominent Auckland performance poet.