Chrome browser issues with non-secure streams

UPDATE 3 Jan 2022: If your stream is not HTTPS by now then you are on the back foot. You need to upgrade to a secure stream right away and then let every service that uses your old (http) stream know that you have a new secure one (https://).

Last week I got to hear that the latest version of Chrome will not play audio streams unless the URL starts with httpS (S being for Secure).

While most of you will have a station website that starts with https:// unless your audio stream is also HTTPS then it won’t play on the latest Chrome browser.

For example, even in your HTTP stream is accessed via TuneIn or some other site; if the website is HTTPS and your stream is not; then your stream WILL NOT WORK.

Jerry Bascombe of London Soul Radio kindly shared this from his correspondence with TuneIn this week…

“In a February 20, 2020 Chromium update, the base code for Chrome browsers has removed the ability to play unsecured (HTTP) streams on secure (HTTPS) websites.

“…Please be aware that this update may eventually impact Firefox and Internet Explorer users in the near future as well.”

To ensure your broadcasts get the widest possible audience you need to contact your streaming provider and ask for an HTTPS stream (if you do not already have one).

You then need to resubmit your new httpS stream to places such  as TuneIn etc.

If your station’s website is not HTTPS then you need to address that too.

If you are getting calls from listeners saying your stream isn’t working; it is likely you are using an HTTP stream and they are using Chrome.

Steve Hart

Steve Hart

Steve Hart is a journalist and editor based in Melbourne.

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