Time to be more focused

Any limitations broadcasters had are long gone.

During the past 20 years online radio has gone mainstream; but what lessons can we learn from the commercial FM stations?

One thing I keep coming back to is that FM stations – due to their restricted broadcast range – have a defined area in which to market their station.

They serve the community of people in that area – normally seen as a circle on a map in the sales office. And that led to focused engagement with local businesses and traders for advertising.

Staff could go visit local business owners and tell them about their local station.

Set boundary

Most FM stations work within a geographical boundary; something that online broadcasters don’t often worry about because they can be heard around the world.

And there’s two things I’d say about that.

  1. Should you GeoBlock your station so it broadcasts just within your country?
  2. Should you draw a circle on a map and define your station’s geographical boundaries and forget about the rest of the world?

Are you going to spread your energy across the planet? Or focus it on the people and businesses where you broadcast from?

While some news services can argue that their broadcasts need to go around the world; if you are a music-based station then why not draw that circle and stake your claim? Concentrate your energy on the people close to home who can really support your station and spread the word.

I believe it is food for thought; but I’m also interested in your thoughts too.

Steve Hart

Steve Hart

Steve Hart is a journalist and editor based in Melbourne.

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