Jazz trumpet player Markus Rutz

I got to interview Chicago-based jazz musician Markus Rutz (pronounced roots) for my jazz radio show in April 2020.

Broadcasters are welcome to use the interview free of charge – the intro and outro have been written for you…

Chicago jazz musician Markus Rutz [pronounced ‘roots’] has just released his third album called “Blueprints Figure One: Frameworks”.

The jazz trumpeter, who admits to being heavily influenced by Miles Davis, spends his time teaching the trumpet, composing his own melodies, performing, and recording his music.

Markus Rutz talks about his new album Blueprints Figure 1
Markus Rutz catch-up interview talking about Blueprints Figure 2…

Find out more at MarkusRutzMusic.com

Steve Hart

Steve Hart

Steve Hart is a journalist and editor based in Melbourne.

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