Now is your time to start a radio station

These are strange times for many of us. A virus has led to many people having to self-isolate, to remain indoors and not go to work. Or go anywhere!

Putting to one side the financial worries and all the stresses this situation brings; lots of us now have time to spare. It’s good to keep busy doing house-hold chores, a bit of DIY, or getting out in the garden. 

Those of you with children can read them stories, play games and…well the world is your oyster when it comes to family fun.

But the reason for this post is to talk about starting an online radio station. If you have ever thought about starting one then now is the time to do it. You are needed.

Starting a radio station is as easy as signing up to a streaming radio provider, uploading music to its Auto DJ system and pressing play.

Sure, you’ll need to send your unique stream audio URL to all the usual suspects and maybe embed your audio player on a website if you have one, and then the hard work begins. Thankfully you have time for the hardwork.

That hardwork includes promoting your station across social media etc. Ideally hooking up with local groups to your location.

In addition to broadcasting your selection of music, podcasts, and pre-recorded shows, you can also broadcast live by setting up a DJ account within your Centova system.

To broadcast live you just need a microphone and something to play music. Keep it simple. Use what you have.

But the reason this is an opportune time to start a station is that so many media outlets are failing their communities. You can make your mark by being THE local station for your neighbourhood.

Your time is now.

Need help and advice? Check out all the posts on the site and let me know if your question isn’t covered.

Good luck,


Steve Hart

Steve Hart

Steve Hart is a journalist and editor based in Melbourne.

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