Podcast editing and audio production

If you record a podcast and need help in post production – to level off the audio, remove unwanted noises, and cut out any sections – then I can help.

I’ll listen to your entire recording, perform editing as needed, audio sweetening, mix, gently enhance poor audio, and send you the enhanced version within three working days.

Got a recording with lots of unwanted background noise? Send me a clip and I’ll show you how I can improve it.

Routine treatments of your supplied audio include:

  • Reduce/remove breath noises / breath pops
  • Adjust volume for consistent levels across the whole recording
  • Beef up ‘thin’ audio
  • Remove distracting mouth clicks, pauses, ums, and ers…
  • Remove unwanted silent gaps
  • Gently enhance the overall audio quality
  • Meta data and supplied artwork added to the final MP3
  • Add your supplied intro / outro music

My rule of thumb is that podcast editing averages out at around three minutes per one minute of audio.

Rates are AU$75 per 30 minutes of supplied audio.

Extras include reducing room reverb – room-boom – to make the speaker clearer, and removing unwanted background noises. These can be complex processes that take time. Therefore I quote based on the file received.