About Steve Hart

Hello and thanks for visiting my website which features a collection of the bits and bobs I get up to (well, most of them…). This site features a mixture of my written work, audio podcasts, and occasional videos.

As a teenager I’d earn pocket money delivering my local newspaper so I could buy the gear and music (vinyl records) I needed to – years later – become a mobile DJ. My career as a travelling entertainer was short-lived though as I quickly became a resident DJ working the clubs across Essex and Kent in the UK.

Steve Hart

By the late 1980s I had swapped my turntables for a typewriter and began working in the newsroom of the paper I used to deliver. Although there was a transition period where I was a mild-mannered reporter during the day and a beat mixing DJ by night.

Local politics was my main interest along with social issues, people stories, and campaigning journalism. I left the re-writing of press releases to my colleagues. There was also a period working in radio as a tech-op and journalist at both BBC Essex and Essex Radio.

By the late 90s I was working for an international company and travelled the world as a photo-journalist for a couple of years. Then I moved to a contract publishing firm based at Canary Wharf, London, as managing editor.

In 2000 I accepted a job as chief sub editor at the New Zealand Herald, and so moved from London to Auckland. Numerous senior editorial roles followed, there was a period freelancing, and in 2017 I wrote and published Podcasting Made Easy – a guide for anyone wanting to start their own podcast. In 2022 I relocated to Melbourne, Australia.

Outside of work I volunteer at my local community radio station, maintain its website, handle commercial production, and host a weekly jazz show every Sunday. There’s also an occasional side-hustle recording voice overs.

I enjoy all things digital…WordPress, audio editing apps, video editing, anything that helps me tell stories and share information in an engaging and creative way.