The Pleasuredome radio show

The Pleasuredome show featured club classics, funk, soul, house, and the latest dance releases – all wrapped up into a tightly-formatted high-energy radio show.

Each Pleasuredome show featured an up-tempo mix of the best dance tracks around, including a handful of new releases.

Demo of The Pleasuredome Show

“Think of The Pleasurdome as an online nightclub,” says Steve. “The Pleasuredome brings people together as one; to pulsate in a temple of sound to enjoy dance music that transcends time; dance club classics from across the decades, today’s faves, and tomorrow’s floor fillers.”

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The Pleasuredome…It’s full of stars

Steve’s passion for dance music ranges from club classics of the 80s and 90s right through to today’s house, garage, soul, jazz funk, and EDM.

Steve has DJ’d most of his life…He built a mobile twin deck console while still at school. By age 17 he was working as a mobile DJ and by his 20s had landed his first residency at a nightclub in Southend-on-Sea, UK – the first in a string of top clubs.

During the course of about 15 years, Steve worked as resident DJ at UK clubs including Nero’s 2000, Oceans 11, and Woody’s (all in Kent); as well as Zhivago’s, The Zero 6, Sam Lords, Electric Blue, and High Society (all in Southend).

He also DJ’d at the London Hilton, across Europe, and slowly moved into radio – first at hospital radio, then for Radio Top Shop, Basildon Radio, BBC Local, and commercial radio.

The Pleasuredome started as a programme of 80s dance club classics, but developed into a programme of classic cuts and new releases.

Example Pleasuredome show…

We’re dancing as one as we leave our bodies to travel across the planes.

Rising higher and higher as our consciousness expands to see unseen colours and we hear the astral wonder.

Floating through the atoms and down to the inner sun we can travel backward and forward in time.

Reaching distant planets we look back to our physical home. 

Time is but an illusion of our physical world.

In a blink we are on a distant dance floor – sounds pulsating though our body. 

Our spirit returns with a zap and music overwhelms our senses.

We truly are the special ones; connecting our spirit with the universe in a matrix of enlightenment and wonder as we lose ourselves in an atmosphere of sound and light.

Copyright Steve Hart