Be a good sport and get more listeners

As a young journalist with next to no interest in sport of any kind; my Monday morning chore was to call about 10 schools and colleges to get the weekend’s sporting results.

From soccer, to hockey, and athletics, I’d have to get the names of the teams, any star players (and their ages), location of the game, and of course the score (God forbid you get that wrong!).

Then I’d chase for photos of each game and make sure each photo went with the correct report.

However, that donkey work paid off every Thursday when all the parents of all the players at all the schools would buy the paper or visit the website to see if their child was pictured or mentioned.

Local sport has got to be the biggest missed opportunity in local radio.

School and college sport is a big thing. It’s a huge market. Who’s playing for whom, what teams are playing where, player profiles, match details, winners and losers. Upsets and surprise successes. And who’s playing where next week.

The trouble is, too many broadcasters are hell-bent on playing music and trying to conquer the world when all the action – and revenue – is right there in their backyard, at the school sports field down the road.

Not only is it a fantastic service to local listeners, it’s a missed business opportunity.

Imagine getting the school or college onboard for a live broadcast of a game? Program sponsors would come out of the woodwork and people at the match as – well as those unable to attend – can keep up to date with the action.

All you need is a mobile phone and a lapel mic to broadcast from the edge of the pitch.

Local sport has got to be the biggest missed opportunity in local radio. So what are you waiting for?

Steve Hart

Steve Hart

Steve Hart is a journalist and editor based in Melbourne.

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